What to expect at a counseling center:

The first thing you’ll be asked to do is provide ID and your insurance card — we accept Medicare, Medicaid and most other forms of insurance. While rare, some insurance providers may not cover your visits at ODC. If that’s the case, our office staff will work with you to make sure you receive the help you need. You’ll work with office staff to complete paperwork, providing information about yourself and your reason for counseling. Once you’ve completed enrollment paperwork, you’ll move on to assessments.


On your first day, you will receive several tests and assessments. If you are coming in for drug and alcohol treatment, you will be asked to undergo a drug screen and breath alcohol test. Blood work will be requested to determine your liver and kidney function as well as check for hepatitis C, which is associated with intravenous drug use. It’s important that your liver and kidney are functioning well enough for you to undergo outpatient treatment. In the event there’s an issue with these tests, our staff can refer you to an appropriate treatment program. These blood tests will be performed again every six months for the duration of your treatment (for substance abuse patients only).

You will also meet with a doctor to determine your need for medications, as well as an assessment counselor who will match you with an individual counselor and assess your physical, emotional and mental health. If your individual counselor is available, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with them briefly on your first day.


Once you’ve enrolled and had the chance to meet our drug and alcohol rehab team, you’ll be sent home with all the information you need to get through your first week of recovery. Your next appointment will be one week later, where you’ll meet with your counselor and if necessary, your physician, who will oversee any medication assisted treatment. These appointments occur weekly for four to six weeks and over time will become less frequent. However, you’re welcome to visit with your counselor during your free time for individual therapy if you feel the need.

Group therapy and family therapy are an important part of addiction recovery. With substance abuse counseling, we encourage our clients to attend regular sessions with groups and family members. Most clients attend an average of 12 group sessions each month. We provide meals during group therapy sessions and can provide transportation assistance when needed.


Once you’ve settled into an addiction recovery program, you can expect the treatment process to continue for about six months plus long-term aftercare visits. Engaging in your rehab program is vital if you want to succeed. We expect our clients to show an eagerness to change while communicating their needs, expectations and frustrations to their counselor.

If you’re ready to begin your recovery journey, walk in today to begin receiving the drug addiction treatment you need.


For more information about treatment options for you or a loved one at On Demand Counseling, call our helpline today at 330-270-8610.