Addiction is an illness. Just like any other health condition, there’s no reason to be ashamed to seek medical help. Whether you’re going through a substance use disorder yourself or worried about someone who’s close to you, outpatient rehab could be the answer. It gives people in recovery the space they need to live their lives while offering structured, customized support along each step of the way.

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Substance Abuse Statistics in and Around East Liverpool, Ohio

East Liverpool, Ohio, is a part of the country that has suffered particularly badly as a result of the national opiate pandemic. In the last couple of years, the use of prescription opioids has been in decline. Alcohol is now the most widely abused substance in the area, with heroin coming in a close second.

Worryingly, heroin use appears to be on the increase. Experts are concerned that lots of street drugs, but particularly heroin, are getting cut with fentanyl. This makes it stronger and also much deadlier. But no matter what substance a person has been using or how long they’ve been using it, recovery is possible. With support, guidance and medical attention, anyone can get back on track to happiness.

Addiction in the Columbiana County Region of Ohio

In the Youngstown Region, cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol, heroin and sedatives are the most common substance use disorders. People use drugs for a diverse array of reasons and have varying levels of severity. For example, people who use methamphetamine are predominantly truck drivers, construction workers and others looking to stay awake for extended periods.

Rates of drug use are thought to be higher in rural areas around East Liverpool. In some cases, cocaine is being cut with fentanyl in Ohio, which is extremely dangerous and could lead to dual addiction.

If you’re ready to seek professional help for addiction in East Liverpool, click here to start the admissions process or call On Demand today to speak to an admissions counselor.

Getting Help at An Outpatient Drug Rehab Center

An outpatient drug rehab center is the natural step down from an inpatient detox, but it’s also the first step on many people’s journey to recovery. You spend a few hours getting group therapy, individual therapy and medication-assisted treatment where necessary. It’s ideal for individuals who require guidance and care on a weekly basis but still need the freedom to continue working or tending to responsibilities.

Treatment Services We Offer at Our Mental Health Center

Mental health treatment approaches should always accompany MAT therapy for the best results. We offer group therapy sessions, one-on-one substance use counseling and behavioral therapy to give each client the best chance of long-term recovery.

Our behavioral health program is Ohio MHAS licensed for peace of mind that you’re in the best hands. During sessions, you’ll delve into the past to discover reasons and identify underlying beliefs. You’ll then formulate coping mechanisms and devise methods of focusing more on the present in view of future goals.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Program

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is an essential aspect of outpatient drug rehab for people who are struggling with a substance use disorder. Drugs such as heroin, alcohol and benzodiazepines are physically and mentally addictive. We use Vivitrol, which is an effective relapse prevention treatment for heroin and alcohol addiction.

Your body might respond badly if you stop suddenly. MAT is a way to make the process more gradual and less of a shock to the system.

Substance Abuse Treatment Counseling

Addiction isn’t a choice or a sign that you’re a bad person. It’s a signal that you’re willing to go to great lengths to cover up emotional pain and self-soothe. For long-term recovery, it’s essential that you understand your triggers and learn how to regulate your emotions, beliefs and behavior so they work better for you. Our substance abuse counseling program helps you identify your core values and build confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Who Is Outpatient Treatment Best For?

Outpatient treatment is ideal for individuals who have a home environment where they feel safe and have a peer support network. In some cases, you might just not be able to give up your responsibilities for an extended period of time. Either way, an outpatient treatment facility can give you the tools you need to get on the road to recovery and stay there.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment in Ohio

The addictions we treat here at our addiction treatment center include the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Crystal meth
  • Methamphetamine
  • Hypnotics and sleep medication
  • Prescription painkillers
If you’re ready to seek professional help for addiction in East Liverpool, click here to start the admissions process or call On Demand today to speak to an admissions counselor.

Special Programs for People Struggling with Addiction in East Liverpool

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA has been going for nearly 100 years, and it’s still one of the most effective treatment options to support people who have been through a rehab program. Attend group meetings for free and share your story with the group while learning about their experiences and perspectives. Over time, you get the opportunity to be a mentor to junior members of the community.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
220 West 4th Street, East Liverpool, OH 43920

Narcotics Anonymous

NA is a branch of AA that formed in 1953, and it supports members in just the same way. Through reflection, spiritual growth and shared experiences, you can continue your recovery journey in a community that has decades of proven results.

The Way Station
769 Springfield Road, Columbiana, OH 44408


If you’re here researching ways to support your loved one, Al-Anon is there to help you. Addiction is a family disease, and the experience can be traumatic for loved ones who often feel guilt, resentment and other emotions that it’s healthiest to work through under the supervision of a qualified counselor.

East Liverpool Salvation Army Al-Anon Meeting
413 East 4th Street, East Liverpool, OH, 43920

Getting Help With Addiction at Our Treatment Center

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