If you’re suffering from opioid addiction or alcoholism, doctors have likely prescribed you a course of medication. Here at On Demand Counseling in Ohio, we can continue your Vivitrol treatment program and provide the support and guidance you need to continue healing. Drugs and alcohol weak havoc with your mental health, making it intensely difficult to stop using if you’re addicted.

Vivitrol is a nonaddictive, nonnarcotic extended-release version of naltrexone that you need to be administered only once a month. It can help you turn your life around by giving you freedom from cravings and significantly minimizing your risk of relapse.

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What Is MAT?

MAT stands for medication assisted treatment. Although it may sound counter-productive, the use of certain medications helps people to overcome substance use disorders. When something is physically addictive, it means it is able to trick your body into believing you require the substance — which you will experience physically and mentally as withdrawal symptoms. If you suddenly stop taking substances such as alcohol or opiates after chronic use, you are at risk of facing severe health consequences.

An MAT program also helps to manage cravings while receiving addiction treatment. Once you have learned healthy coping mechanisms and built up your self-esteem through counseling, you should be ready to stop taking the medication.

MAT and Opioid Use Disorder

Our opioid treatment program includes the use of Vivitrol because we feel it gives clients the extra helping hand they need to overcome such a challenging disease. Opiate use disorder is among the most severe addictions because it has a fast track to your brain via internal opioid receptors.

With opioid addiction, your brain stops producing certain neurotransmitters by itself and relies on the drugs you administer instead. This isn’t an indefinite change — with counseling and professional health care, you can overcome any addiction. Vivitrol is an excellent option for treating people who suffer from substance abuse, in combination with psychoeducation, individual counseling and peer support.

What Is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is the brand name for an extended-release version of naltrexone. It subdues the opioid receptors in your brain that are responsible for alcohol or opiate cravings. We prefer extended-release because you only need to get an injection once a month.

Before you start treatment, your body will need to be clear from opioids or alcohol. If you need a referral for detoxification treatment services, we can provide this for you.

Is Vivitrol the Same as Suboxone?

Suboxone is the brand name for buprenorphine with naloxone. This mixture of opioid antagonists and agonists also helps people battle opioid cravings, but not those associated with alcohol. Some people argue that it’s riskier to use Suboxone because it contains buprenorphine, which is an active opioid.

Benefits of Vivitrol Treatment

Ultimately, if you’re struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, MAT can be hugely beneficial. Vivitrol treatment provides the following benefits, among others:

  • Reduces cravings and makes it easier to focus on getting better
  • When you access MAT treatment, you’re taking responsibility for your health
  • In combination with counseling, peer support and education, it makes relapse less likely

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Ohio

If you’re ready to seek substance abuse treatment, call On Demand Counseling today at 330-270-8610. Ask one of our friendly addiction experts how Vivitrol and counseling could help you.

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