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Substance Use Statistics for Newton Falls, Ohio

As part of the Youngstown Region, Newton Falls, Ohio, has reported some pretty concerning substance abuse statistics recently. In spite of the best efforts of the local authorities, the heroin and fentanyl problem in the area is getting worse. Powdered cocaine and crack cocaine are both popular in the area as well, with even more worrying concerns that street dealers are cutting fentanyl with lots of different substances of abuse, including cocaine.

Heroin is highly available in the area, but crack cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and sedative-hypnotics are also popular and readily available. If you started out experimenting with drugs and you’re struggling to regain control, there is help at hand. Even when there is a so-called drug epidemic in an area, the people who live there are still capable of overcoming their addiction with help.

The Opioid Epidemic in Trumbull County

According to the Trumbull County coroner, 83% of drug deaths in 2018 involved fentanyl. Even though the government is investing money into the drug problem around Newton Falls, Ohio, it isn’t going away. Often, these types of schemes are misdirected and don’t take the approach of providing the MAT, group therapy, and individual counseling necessary for most people to overcome addiction.

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Outpatient Drug Rehab

Outpatient drug rehab is often the first step of the recovery journey for an individual who is suffering from a mild to moderate substance use disorder. You get targeted, regular care from a team that specializes in addiction recovery.

Additionally, you become part of a community support group that encourages personal responsibility and helps you be accountable to other people as well as yourself. During outpatient drug rehab, you spend one or two hours each week attending one-on-one counseling, group therapy, and behavioral therapy.

MAT Therapy

When you take part in a medication-assisted treatment program, you take medication to ease withdrawal symptoms and help prevent relapse during the acute stages of recovery. If you’ve been through detox for a severe alcohol use disorder or an opiate use disorder, we can continue your course of Vivitrol and offer the necessary complementary therapy.

What Is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is a brand name for naltrexone, which is an opiate antagonist. It’s an extended-release version, which means you only need to administer it once a month. We use it to treat opiate and alcohol dependence during the initial drug recovery process. We are not a detox center, but you can continue your treatment with us if you’ve just been through a detoxification program.

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

Outpatient mental health services are provided alongside MAT so you learn the skills necessary to manage your emotions. Often, people use drugs to numb painful emotions or make certain situations more bearable. Although it’s challenging, you can learn new ways of making those situations bearable that don’t cause the long-term mental and physical health issues that addiction can.

Substance Use Counseling Program

In the not-so-distant past, there was a general belief that addiction was a choice, and detox was enough to fix the problem. However, mental health and addiction specialists have known for a long time that people need to address the underlying issues that lead to substance abuse to overcome them.

There is a complex set of causes that lead to someone developing this chronic disease, and it’s a little different for everyone. Our substance abuse counseling program helps you unravel the unhelpful beliefs and thoughts that cause you to use drugs or alcohol to excess.

Some of the SUDs We Treat

We treat the majority of substance use disorders, in addition to mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Some of the addictions we’ve helped people to overcome include:

  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • Sedative hypnotics

If you’re ready to seek professional help for addiction in Newton Falls, click here to start the admissions process or call On Demand today to speak to an admissions counselor.

Addiction Resources in Newton Falls, Ohio

Alcoholics Anonymous

One of the oldest and most reliable forms of ongoing care is joining an AA meeting. Most of those who experience long-term success in recovery from alcoholism attend AA groups for years. During this process, you’ll learn the 12-step program and share and listen to other like-minded people’s experiences.

Paris Township Rescue Squad
9355 Newton Falls Road, Ravenna, OH 44266

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is a branch of AA that was formed to help people who struggle with drug addiction. It holds meetings on a weekly basis, with an experienced AA counselor overseeing sessions and guiding the conversation.

Newton Falls Assembly of God
29 East Broad Street, Newton Falls, OH 44444


If you’re researching drug rehab to help someone you love, it’s important that you’re aware that addiction can be traumatic for family members, too. You must focus on your own self-care as well as taking care of those closest to you.

Warren Thursday Night AFG
185 Laird Ave Northeast, Warren, OH, 44483

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