Find the Courage to Recover


Program Details:

  • Customized to the client

  • IOP is scheduled two to three days per week with each session lasting three hours

  • IOP is offered in both daytime and evening hours – allowing for clients to maintain a schedule at place of employment.

  • Program consists of group counseling, individual counseling, case management, crisis intervention and ongoing aftercare

  • On Demand accepts clients with some private insurance, all Ohio Medicaid and self-pay. Please call for insurance verification.

Program Details:

  • For clients who have long-term sobriety and want to continue to taper from MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment)

  • Continue to build sober supports

  • Topics covered in group counseling are tailored to group members

Program Details:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions are offered one-on-one with trained counselors.

  • Relationship building, mental health, sober living, relapse prevention, coping skills work-life balance and other topics are covered.

  • Counselors have a flexible schedule to accommodate all needs.

  • More in-depth discussion than group counseling

  • Aligns with MAT services (Medically Assisted Treatment)

Program Details:

  • Discuss issues in a caring and supportive environment

  • Increase understanding of life stressors and issues while assisting a client in developing effective coping skills