Online Addiction TreatmentThe world has changed beyond recognition in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and people need help with coping more than ever. You might have turned to drugs or alcohol as a result of anxiety over the situation, or your condition could be entirely unrelated. Social distancing presents some unique challenges in the provision of rehab services, but thankfully technology provides a welcome solution. Online addiction treatment is being implemented in rehab centers around the country to ensure people struggling with addiction can still get the care and guidance they require.

Has the Coronavirus Outbreak Had an Impact on Addiction?

Daily, weekly and monthly routines have been turned upside down by the fallout from the pandemic. Isolation means single people are alone in their homes, while families and couples are locked into the house together without respite. These tense and unusual conditions are putting millions of people at risk of relapse or of turning to drugs or alcohol to try to cope.

How Does Telehealth for Addiction Work?

Instead of meeting with your counselor face to face, you’ll use video calling software to attend therapy at the same time you usually would. You’ll speak with your counselor from the comfort of your own home, observing social distancing guidelines while maintaining the vital connection between you and your therapist. We’re working hard to continue adding more services to our online addiction treatment offerings.

What Are the Benefits of Online Addiction Treatment?

  • It eradicates face-to-face contact between staff and clients and promotes social distancing.
  • You still have access to clinical care while staying safe at home.
  • Doctors and clients who are in quarantine can continue to interact.
  • Group meetings, waiting rooms and communal spaces are high-volume areas that pose a significant risk of contamination. If you attend therapy virtually, this risk is erased.
  • You won’t need to use public transportation or put yourself at risk by making a journey.
  • Some clients may enjoy the added privacy afforded by speaking to a counselor remotely, causing them to open up more during sessions.

Telehealth for RehabStay Connected During Lockdown

The best way to avoid relapsing or falling prey to addiction is to ensure you stay connected, even while in isolation. There are several apps, online message boards and community programs you can use to keep in contact with people, no matter how isolated you are. Addiction and isolation tend to go hand in hand because negative thoughts have more space to grow if you don’t have anyone to share them with. Make use of your tablet, computer, laptop or phone to reach out if you’re feeling lonely, depressed or anxious.

Telehealth and the Future

The technology that allows rehab facilities to provide online addiction treatment has been in development for a number of years. Telemedicine can be incredibly useful for people who live in more remote communities or anyone unable to attend rehab in person. Early trials have shown that more people might be inclined to sign up for a drug or alcohol rehab program if it was remote rather than face to face. Not only is there additional privacy during the session, but you don’t have the risk of someone seeing your car in the parking lot of the treatment center.

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